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Yoni Steam

For those that wish to begin their in-home yoni steaming journey. An online assessment will be given. Upon completion, the issues and concerns will be assessed and you'll receive a 3-month Steam Plan and a Monthly Cycle Analysis via email. A 30-minite video-conference call will then be scheduled to review results, show you how to steam, and answer any remaining questions. Client support via and adjustments to Steam Plan via email are welcomed (if needed). You will receive your 3-month Steam Plan and Monthly Cycle Analysis 5 business days after purchasing your consultation and 4 custom, herbal steam blends will be mailed to you. 

$250 consultation

Yoni Steam Sessions
For those that wish to pampered while learning about the yoni. An online assessment will need to the filled out prior to session. A Monthly Cycle Analysis will be given. An herbal steam will be prepared for you, based on your online assessment. Herbal tea will be provided. 

$75 for a 60-minute session (required on first visit)
$50 for a 30-minute session

New clients please use the Intake Form before arriving for an appointment.