Thai Bodywork

Profound healing comes in the in-between places. Thai Bodywork is an expansive, methodical practice focused on creating space between the muscles and tissues in a deeper, more holistic massage. Through each 90-minute healing session, the practitioner uses palms, elbows, and feet to compress muscles, stimulate acupressure points, and gently stretch the body allowing it to relax and open. Sessions always include house-made liniments and herbal steams and compresses, incorporating heat to bring healing deeper than the cellular level; and can also include fire cupping, scraping to relieve old tensions and other tools to stretch, clear and soothe the body systems. Healing carries on even after the session – chronic ailments, injuries and illnesses continues to benefit. The Thai method is essential to feel more centered, more embodied in oneself.


Individual Session: $120 for 90-minute session; $150 for 120-minute session

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Thai body work by Natasha was just amazing! I couldn’t recommend her more
— Eva M.
Thai body work was awesome! I left feeling like I was a foot taller, and all of my joints had opened up. She explained the work and what to expect, and made me feel totally comfortable. I will be scheduling regular sessions going forward!
— Heather V.
Thai Body work with Natasha was great. I came to my appointment feeling left knee tightness and as I left I felt a lot more mobility that I hadn’t had in a long while. I went in not knowing what Thai Body work was and left wish I had known a lot sooner!
— Joel F.
Best massage in Richmond hands down! Thai body work is unbelievable. Thank you Natasha!
— Elizabeth B.