Back Kitchen……… $40/hour nonrefundable +$40 cleaning fee/day

Front Studio……… $40/hour nonrefundable +$40 cleaning fee/day

Both Spaces……… $75/hour nonrefundable +$75 cleaning fee/day


Back Kitchen Features

  • Fully functioning kitchen

  • Large open work space

  • Lounge area

  • Separate restroom

Front Studio Features

  • Yoga Mats

  • Blankets

  • Blocks

  • Bolsters

Great For

  • Herbalism Studies

  • Cooking Classes

  • Work Meetings

  • Events & Parties

Great For

  • Yoga Classes

  • Group Meditation

  • Dance & Movement Classes

  • Pop-up Markets

Studio Etiquette

Lucid Living is not responsible for any marketing, collecting payments, or staffing, and you assume all responsibility if anything is lost stolen, broken, etc. that could then be transferred to each student via a waiver. 

We love our space and hope you do too! To keep our space beautiful, clean, & serene we please ask that you…

  • Remove your shoes when entering the front studio space

  • Do not bring liquids into the front studio space

  • Be mindful of noise if your rental takes places during business hours

  • Tidy up after your rental is complete

Studio Rental/ Collaboration Request Form

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