Spiritual Healing

A Spiritual Healing session is a great way to gain insights to your life and facilitate a direction to take yourself in. The Healing Practitioner may use astrology, tarot cards, oracle cards, energy healing, or intuitive vision to assess and give advice on any aspect of life that a client may need support and guidance with.

During this healing service, the Healing Practitioner will explain what a reading is and how it is facilitated. The Healing Practitioner will explain their personal & intuitive methods and processes. Cards can give a timeline; energy has no boundaries.

The client will be allowed to openly & freely ask the Healing Practitioner what questions they want answered, or what insights they are looking for in an aspect of their life, or if they need clarity on anything. If using cards, this is where the main discussion on their meanings and how they relate to the client will take place. If using just energy, the Healing Practitioner will explain what is seen and how this could relate to the client; or let the client know if there are any messages on the other side for them. This also will be a time to discuss any anomalies or attachments in their energy field, balance their chakras and heal any holes in the aura.


Individual Session: $80 for 60-minute session; $110 for 90-minute session

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