Sound Healing

Before beginning this intensive healing modality, a thorough intake helps Lucid Living to determine what’s happening in a client’s universe so they can customize each aural therapy session. A client’s needs determine the protocol in which Himalayan Singing Bowls are placed and played. The vibration and frequencies of the sounds played during sessions act as vibrational medicine for both physical and psychological conditions. Go deeper into the mind. Relax the soul. Whatever the purpose, read more about scientific sound therapy on our blog, and here and here.

Individual Session: $80 for 60-minute session


Please review our policies before scheduling any appointments with Lucid Living.

Sound Bath with Natasha at Lucid Living was amazing - I felt so relaxed and inspired. Time really felt like it transcended - a 45-min session felt like I was in a total bliss for 3+ hours! I also have received Thai Massage from Natasha and it was so healing and nurturing. I can’t wait for my next sessions.
— Seo K.
My wife invited me to a Sound Concert, and I was skeptical at first, but immediately felt at ease upon meeting Natasha and entering her studio. I was greeted with a smile and positive energy all around. During the session it was remarkably easy to forget about my day to day as the singing bowls were sending waves throughout my body. It is unlike any other experience I have ever had. I left feeling deeply relaxed, and will most definitely be returning.
— Jason F.