Cleansing With Smoke

Cleansing With Smoke

Smoke cleansing is an ancient ritual that has been around for centuries and is practiced by many different cultures and religions. Depending on the culture, different types of herbs were dried and used for this purpose! To “cleanse” a space, means to remove blockages and negative energies like frustration, anxiety, etc.

You can cleanse your home, body, crystals, and even healing tools! Anything that you feel needs to hit the “reset” button. The cleansing ritual helps with setting intentions, focusing, reducing stress, and clarifying your mind or meditation practices. We recommend to always do a small test before smoke cleansing your whole home in case of an allergic reaction. Some herbs will burn faster than others, or produce more smoke, so it’s good to know this beforehand (so you’re not alarmed or setting off any alarms!).


When to Cleanse?

Some ideal  times to smoke cleanse your aura and/or space would be:

  • When you move into a new home or apartment

  • After high energy experiences (good or bad)

  • Before ritual baths

  • After you clean your home

  • Before yoga or meditative practices

  • After a large group of people have been in your home

  • On new and full moons

  • Before setting intentions or planning new projects


Plants & Their Healing Properties

Here’s a list of some plants that are used for smoke cleansing:

In many cultures cedar is a sacred plant. People have used it to drive out negative energy, bring in good influences, and even to bless a new house when people are moving in. A word of caution though, for those with allergies or asthma it can cause distress or inflammation. Cedar also can cause respiratory infections in small animals like hamsters, small dogs and other pets.

Some claim it can change the mood and energy of a room so it is commonly burned after a fight or when someone is upset. It is also used for meditation, cleansing, and purification. Garden sage, pineapple sage, and purple sage are all wonderful substitutions to using white sage if you cannot purchase an this variety from an ethical/sustainable vendor.

This plant is best known to ease you into a deeper meditation or trance state. Mugwort also helps men and women connect to their feminine energy by opening a more direct channel to lunar magic. In some traditions, mugwort is associated with divination, dreaming, and visions- aiding to open our third eye.

The dried flower buds of lavender release a light, refreshing scent when burned. They have been used to bring peace, restful sleep, and happiness. You may like to burn lavender to combat insomnia, depression, grief, sorrow and anxiety. 

Bay leaf
For those with allergies bay leaf is a perfect substitute to use when smoke cleansing. The aromatic essential oil in bay leaves is known to have mood boosting effects. The bay leaf has multiple uses from protection, healing and calming to success, victory and being an anxiety reducer. 

Cinnamon Sticks
Cinnamon is known for increasing energy and motivation and it even aids in healing. Burning cinnamon is best used if you have a cold or flu. The oils in cinnamon help to relax and soothe you when you are feeling glum or under the weather.

Cleansing your space, mind, and body is a wonderful ritual to incorporate in your daily life. When do you like to cleanse? What herbs have you found to be potent cleansers? Let us know if the comment section!

Holly Hackworth