Create Your Own: Crystal Grids

Create Your Own: Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are powerful tools used for manifesting goals and desires through intention. Each crystal has it’s own metaphysical properties and when combined in union, using sacred geometry, the healing stones become an energetic gateway that aids with focus and quicker manifestation. Crystal grids can be placed in many locations around the home or business to promote different purposes and goals. Crystal grids are a great way to deepen your meditation/energy working practice and strengthen your insight and intuition. Using a crystal grid in conjunction with other spiritual practices is powerful, and making one is a fun practice that you can do alone, with a loved one, or in a group setting like a yoga class or meditation circle.

Tools You’ll Need to Create Your Own Crystal Grid:

  • Pick the location you want to create the grid in your home or work place

  • Paper to write your intention or goal on

  • A crystal point for your center crystal

  • Tumbled or raw stones that align with your intention or that you feel called to

  • Sage/palo santo/any cleansing herb

  • Optional: crystal grid cloth


Creating Your Intention

Step one in Creating Your Own Crystal Grid will involve creating your intention. Do you want to attract more abundance into your life? Are you looking for healthier ways to de-stress? Are you feeling a need to boost your creativity? Are you feeling the call to commit further to your health, physical, and spiritual practices?Whatever your intention may be, write it on a piece of paper and display it in what will be the center of your grid. You can also, simply, keep your intention in your thoughts/prayers as you build your crystal grid.


Step two in creating your grid involves choosing your crystals. You will want to choose crystals that align with your intention to help enhance the work that you are doing. Crystals hold a unique frequency that can imbue any space, person, or, in the case of crystal grids, intention, with a particular energy. Take some time to learn more about crystals that align and support your intention. You can also tap into your intuition and just go with the crystals that “speak” to you. It’s always nice to add quartz into the grid because it is an all purpose stone that amplifies all energies. Quartz points are great to use as your center crystal.

Decide On A Grid Style

Step three involves choosing the template of your crystal grid. Different sacred geometry grids hold different meanings, but most showcase the same themes you'll see in altars, temples, spiritual art, and spiritual architecture. Choose a shape that resonates with you, whether it's a spiral, infinity loop, the seed of life, a medicine wheel, a circle, or even a labyrinth. You can either print out your shape (there’s tons of free templates online), take the time to draw it out, or buy a cloth with the shape printed on it.

You also can freestyle it and place the stones where your intuition places them. There’s not right or wrong formation.

Cleanse Your Space

During step four you will use smoke to clear the energy of your space. Smoke is a very cleansing element, and you can cleanse the grid with sage, palo santo, sandalwood, or sweetgrass. If you are allergic to smoke or cannot use smoke in your work/home, there are sprays made of the same plants you can purchase, like our Lucid Living Synergy Misting Potion that is equally effective. Breathe deeply and begin to visualize or speak your intention aloud as you work through this step.

Create Your Grid

Once your intention is set, begin placing your chosen crystals down on the grid. Start from the exterior of the shape and work your way in, keeping your intention in mind as you lay your crystals down. Your final crystal will be the crystal point at the center of the grid. This acts as an energetic power line of sorts, directing your intention straight up into the universe. You will finish by activating your grid with clear quartz, or selenite to connect the dots, starting from the outside and working your way in, passing over every crystal on the way.


Crystal grids are an easy and fun activity to align your intention with physical manifestation and anyone can do them! Committing to our goals connects us deeper to our most truest self. The power to create our most beautiful life is inside of EVERYONE! Tried making crystal grids before? Or was this your first time reading about them? Share with us in the comment below!

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