Create Your Own: Routines & Rituals

Many people, when beginning a new health and wellness practice share the same goals: to feel more relaxed, to feel more in control, to be more fully themselves!. However, beginning a new practice can also feel overwhelming or scary because it is new and unknown! This month in the studio, we are focusing on our theme of FLOURISH! To flourish means to grow or develop in a healthy way. To support our community, this week we’ve offered ya’ll a guide to creating Routines & Rituals!! Creating your own Routines & Rituals requires mindful planning and takes away that scary feeling of “where do I begin?” or “how do I do this?”. The smallest shifts that we make to become more fully ourSelves makes a huge impact and we are so happy to be a part of YOUR journey!


Morning Rituals

Oh, the dreaded morning! That’s how we feel sometimes, right? There’s so much to do and so little time! Chaotic mornings can lead to chaotic feelings throughout the day, so allowing ourselves a little time and space for mindfulness in the morning can help to lessen those feelings and create and greater sense of calm within ourselves. Creating an easy and consistent morning routine will help to get your body moving and your brain relaxed and ready to take on the day. A few activities we suggest adding to your morning routine are:

  1. Breathwork & Meditation! Getting our lungs filled with fresh air and clearing our minds before we begin our days is so important, and the amazing thing about this is: a few minutes goes a long way! It’s often suggested to those beginning meditation to start with 3-5 minutes a session. Meditation can feel uncomfortable at first, because we are not used to listening to our breath or sitting with our thoughts, but it’s does get easier with practice! We suggest the 4-7-8 breathwork method. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 7 seconds, and release for 8 seconds. This allows us to really become in tune with our breathing. If guided meditation is more your jam, there are so many amazing apps available. I have personally tried the Insight app and still use it for my daily meditation. There’s are thousands of guided meditations available!

  2. Stretching & Yoga! Once we have cleared our minds, getting the body active is the next step we suggest involving in your morning routine! Waking up all of your limbs and getting the blood flowing is a natural way to raise your energy levels! Morning stretching and yoga also helps to warm up your digestive system and move nutrients through the body. So get active and get moving!

  3. Journaling. Writing out intentions for your day is a great way to set your expectations and guidelines for your day. Maybe you focus on how you want to feel? Maybe you have a very busy day ahead of you and need to plan out a detailed schedule? Either way, taking a moment in the morning to touch base with yourself and what kind of day you want to manifest will help to decrease stress throughout the day!


Nighttime Rituals

One key factor in creating successful morning routines and rituals is to actually begin them the night before. This means giving your body the sleep it needs to clear your brain! A full nights sleep clears out toxins, helps to organize our thoughts and experiences, and strengthen pathways between cells for concentration. Did you know it can take 1-3 months for the body to readjust to a new sleep schedule? You may feel restless trying to sleep earlier at first, but clearing out distractions will help with this process:

  1. Turn your phone on airplane mode! Once you’re cozy in bed, put your phone on airplane mode! This will still allow for your alarms to go off in the morning, but you won’t be distracted by alerts in the night!

  2. Trade the television for a book! Loud noises and flashing colors keeps our brains active instead of allowing them to wind down. Hop into bed with your favorite cup of sleepy time tea and a good book, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your day fades away and your brain will be telling you it’s ready for some shut eye!

  3. Sound Therapy! The soothing sounds of Himalayan singing bowls helps to induce a trance like state, allowing for meditation and ease of mind. Many have reported an incredible nights sleep after attending a session! We offer Sound Therapy services at Lucid Living and community Sound Concerts every Tuesday night. If you’ve never been, come try something new! The sound concert begins at 6:15 and runs until 7:15. $17 drop in rates. This is the perfect time of night to begin slowing down and making space for yourself.


Midday Routines

Many people begin feeling a little sluggish after noon, are ready to be at home, or begin focusing on tasks they need to accomplish later that day. Allowing for mindfulness in the middle of the day will help to keep anxieties at bay, to stay present, and the positive energy flowing strong! Some midday routine suggestions:

  1. Take a walk outside! Connecting with Mother Nature is so rejuvenating!

  2. Call a friend or family member for a quick chat that you haven’t spoken to in a while! Connecting with loved ones is a wonderful pick me up for the heart.

  3. Try having a solo lunch date! Creating a moment of quiet for yourself and your thoughts maybe just what you need to get through the second half of your day. This also allows you to be very mindful of the food you are consuming and really appreciate that you are nourishing yourself!

  4. Cleanse yourself or your space! Using a cleansing or protective plant to clear out unwanted energy is so quick and easy, but equally potent when paired with intention!

Moving Forward

When creating a new routine or ritual it’s so important to ask yourself, “Where am I?” If you know that mornings aren’t your strong suit, maybe an hour long yoga class isn’t where you want to start, but a quick 5 minute meditation session, instead. Routines and rituals are meant to help and support, not overwhelm and bring down. There are no set rules, just figure out where you are and what would work best for YOU! Listening to your Inner Voice is the strongest gateway to the Self, and who knows you better than you?!

If you already have your own set routines and rituals that you follow, we would love to hear from you! Sharing supportive ideas among a community is such a beautiful thing and we are so grateful to be a part of yours!

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