A Peek Inside Our Collaborations: Sun & Selene

You know when things feel like they were written in the stars? Fated? That’s exactly how the collaboration between Natasha and Brittanny of Sun & Selene feels. Natasha met Brittanny through The Brunch Market (which Brittanny also founded) at Urban Roost in Richmond, VA and immediately became OBSESSED! Natasha knew that she wanted an exclusive jewelry line for Lucid Living so when it came time to vet local makers, she knew Brittanny was her woman. We were lucky enough to speak with Brittanny to learn more about Sun & Selene and how the fierce Sekhmet jewelry line at Lucid Living came to be.

Metalsmith and Mystics

Brittanny is a metalsmith and jeweler with a home studio here in Richmond, VA. When beginning Sun & Selene, her intention was to create a jewelry line that embodied the vision of classic, mythological goddesses but designed for the modern day. She tells us, “the idea of ancient people being adorned with jewelry crafted with metal and gemstones, long before the convenience of modern tools, has always intrigued and inspired my design process.” Much like the ancient jewelry makers that inspire her, Brittanny does not produce her craft on a large scale.

I think knowing where your purchases come from and that they’re crafted in small batches, by hand, is important for both the buyer and the brand.


Finding Your Inner Goddess

With these two powerful women working together, there was no question that they wouldn’t produce something greatly unique. Natasha tells us, “I wanted to have a jewelry line that embodied the essence of the spirit that we’re trying to impart upon the Lucid Living community…I wanted it to be about a goddess, but not just in a way that embraces nature and beauty, but also strength and courage.” The Egyptian warrior goddess Sekhmet was the first to present herself at the forefront of Natasha’s mind and Brittanny was equally connected to her vibe. With the creative juices flowing strong, Brittanny revisited a design from several years prior and revamped it for a fresh take on the ancient sun disk, to be worn as an earring and ring. Brittanny describes these special pieces as having:

A strong fierce energy for the modern goddess.

Natasha’s hunch that Brittanny could bring Sekhmet to life through her designs was spot on and she nailed it on the first try. At Lucid Living, Natasha aims for a space that embodies feminine and masculine energy; a holistic approach to receiving and taking in just as much as we give unto world. This is also how Sekhmet is empowered. Sun & Selene’s exclusive jewelry line for Lucid Living has been so popular that at times it has been hard to keep on the shelves. Many clients have returned to tell Natasha how empowered and like a true warrior goddess they feel when adorned with their exclusive piece.

In the studio you can find Sun & Selene’s craft in the form of large sun disk earrings, medium sun disk earrings, a sun disk ring, a black onyx necklace for grounding and protection, and a carnelian necklace that’ll help you to tap into the Feminine Divine. Brittanny tells us, “each gemstone and goddess has a story behind it that speaks to the wearer in many aspects with the intention to bring along with it the energy of the inspiration.”


The Future For Sun & Selene

Up next for Sun & Selene is a Spring collection in the works, a recently launched Align necklace to honor the wearers Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, as well as some ongoing custom wedding work that continues to grow. Brittanny is also working on some ready-to-wear engagement and special occasion pieces that will be one-of-a-kind pieces with unique gemstones to offer a fresh and modern take on pieces meant to signify something special either for you and your partner or something you buy for yourself. 

to see more from Sun & Selene, please check out their    Instagram  page and pop over to our shop to check out our exclusive Lucid Living designs!

to see more from Sun & Selene, please check out their Instagram page and pop over to our shop to check out our exclusive Lucid Living designs!

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