Benefits of Meditation


Taking time out of your busy schedule can be challenging sometimes, but it’s necessary for self care and wellbeing. Learning to quiet your mind, block distractions, connect with your inner self and to achieve calmness seems like alot, but it’s not. Meditation is a simple and effective way to help yourself. There are many ways to meditate and no way is right or wrong, the important part is it works!

Meditation has been around for ages reaching far back in time, and is practiced all over the world. Meditation studies have helped us to discover how meditation works and what effects it has on our brains, bodies, and emotions. Here are some ways meditation can benefit you:

Reduce Stress

Mental and physical stress is caused by increased levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Meditating can balance this hormone level and reduce stress-related issues, such as IBS, Fibromyalgia and PTSD.

Improves Concentration

Medication can be helpful for strengthening your attention span. Many different types of meditation help you to maintain higher levels of attention for longer periods of time. This aid in concentration can be helpful at work and in your personal life.

Improves Self-Awareness and Acceptance

Understanding and accepting yourself is a key part of finding self-happiness. Meditation can help with that! As you meditate, you learn more about your habits - both externally and internally. You are able to then create more constructive habits for yourself instead of self-defeating ones.

Increases Kindness

Just as understanding yourself helps you find self-happiness, meditation can increase kindness within yourself and out towards others. When kindness comes from within, you will begin to have more empathy and compassion towards others in your daily interactions. Meditation helps you spread positive energy all around!

Boosts Immune System

Various forms of meditation have shown to strengthen your cardiovascular health and immune system through routine practice. This means you can fight off sickness and infections better than before, and have a high chance of living healthier for much longer.

Better Sleep
Many people know that meditation can be helpful in bettering sleep. When you meditate, you are able to relax and begin to control “runaway thoughts” - little thoughts and reminders that start of small and then grow as you continue to think about them. Many of these runaway thoughts occur as we are laying down to sleep at night. Adding in meditation to your routine can help reduce these thoughts and help you drift into a peaceful rest each night.

If these sound like something you need do yourself a favor and take some time for yourself. Every minute is a gift - unplug from your technology and get to know yourself more. You can even join us at a Sound Concert every Tuesday for some sound therapy meditation time.

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