A Peek Inside our Collaborations: Burn Down For What

Scents are more than just a pretty smell — they are powerful. They have the ability to transport you to a different place and time. Scents can also illicit very specific emotions, bringing back memories from years before. Now, imagine this power being used to align your chakras. That was the idea Natasha and Molly of Burn Down for What had in mind for Lucid Living — a true, holistic game changer. 

Molly took us on a journey to learn more about Burn Down For What (BDFW) and how the collaboration with Lucid Living came to be. She also gave us a little insight into what’s next for her and BDFW. 


Burn Down for What: More Than Just Candles
After graduating from VCU Brandcenter and working in Chicago and New York at a handful of advertising agencies, Molly wanted more. Deciding to dive in and get her hands a little dirtier, Molly began making candles. 

A couple turned into a few and a few turned into…’this might be a thing!’ I Googled, I YouTubed, I asked my corporate friends who told me to get a job.  And what I found from my permanent corporate sabbatical is that what I liked more than making candles, was I loved building this brand.


BDFW’s collection of unapologetically real scents is a true reflection of Molly’s authenticity. She develops each candle from start to finish — from the scent to its name and description. But for Molly, BDFW is so much more than just a simple candle company. Molly explains how “the tribe and community of people that have chosen to hold space for me whether it be a conversation, a lead or a purchase” is what is most important with BDFW.


The collaboration between Lucid Living and BDFW “happened like some of the best things in my life have…seamlessly," Molly shares. And with Natasha and Molly working hand-in-hand, it was a perfect match. Molly crafted each candle, while Natasha used her expertise in essential oils and healing to make every candle unique. 

We created a Chakra Set specifically formulated to awaken each of the 7 chakras. They were tested over months and months to make sure they were perfect (and wouldn’t send you crying into the street).  What we created was a collaboration that is more than just a candle.

What makes BDFW’s candles so different from a typical, smell-good candle? They actually do the work. Natasha and Molly took over six months to create perfect blends that are specific to each of the seven chakras. As each candle burns, they bring balance to the chakra through scent. Natasha explains: 

If you’re not feeling grounded, burn the root chakra candle and it will help you get grounded and rooted back into mother Earth — [it’s] the same thing with all of [the candles].


Upcoming for BDFW

With the holiday season in full swing, BDFW is staying busy! Molly is currently co-hosting a makers markets called Tapped & Wrapped with Riot + Revel at The Veil Brewing Co. and Hardywood throughout December. Check out the event details here!

Molly’s long-term goal is to “give BDFW some roots and find a forever home with a brick and mortar location”. We are very excited to see what 2019 will bring BDFW and Molly - we see amazing things for her!

For more on Molly and BDFW, check out their website here.