A Peek Inside our Collaborations: Laura's Botanicals

While creating Lucid Living’s curated retail wall, Natasha had a vision. She wanted to offer two specific products that used the power of plants to not only create beautiful scents but also act to heal the body spirit. The first product was a room spray. “Because we have clients that sometimes have allergies to incense, sage, and such, I wanted to be able to have a spray that was herbally infused to still use plant medicine, but to still be able to offer cleansing energy to the space” Natasha shares. Beyond cleansing, she wanted this room spray to “offer an energy of creativity and openness and the energy of the feminine divine”.

The second product Natasha envisioned was a massage oil. Since Lucid Living provides massages in the studio, “I wanted to be able to offer our clients something that we can use in appointments and at the same time…at home in their own self-care rituals and routines,” says Natasha.

With two very specific products in mind, Natasha knew she could turn to Laura of Laura’s Botanicals to get the work done. Laura took Natasha’s vision and manifested it into a massage oil and room spray perfect for Lucid Living’s curated retail wall. Being a local maker, Laura wanted to create products like the ones here at Lucid Living to share the power of plants with others and allow people to heal through herbalism. We chatted with Laura to learn more about Laura’s Botanicals, her collaboration with Lucid Living and what the future holds for her. 



Laura started Laura’s Botanicals while organizing in wellness and herbalism with The Richmond Herbalism Guild. “I knew that I also wanted to offer my herbal preparations through my own brand,” shares Laura. For her, creating Laura’s botanicals was all about community and creating the best strategies for everyday herbal wellness. She directly involves herself in each and every product, which in her view, “are not just products but beautiful, traditional herbal preparations that affect mind, body and soul.”

Image by: Ash Hobson Carr

Image by: Ash Hobson Carr

Located in the Richmond area, Laura has seen the herbalism community flourish in recent years. 

Everywhere you look now there is another herb store or company opening and even more exciting, already existing locally based companies are hiring herbalists to expand their integrative approaches.

With this boom in people interested in herbalism, Laura’s Botanicals offers products that people can use to improve their wellbeing in just about any circumstance. So when Natasha reached out to Laura for products at Lucid Living, they both knew the collaboration would be a perfect fit.


With Natasha’s vision in mind, Laura knew it would be a perfect collaboration.

I knew I wanted to create a custom preparation for Lucid Living's opening because the vision of its owner is so on point with what I believe in. Lucid Living has no precedent, and it is a bold movement in the most positive of directions for this city and region.

At the same time, Natasha knew that Laura was the right person for the job because her expertise in folk and herbal medicine here in Richmond. They worked together, and Laura’s Botanicals created a massage oil and room spray for Lucid Living’s space. 


The massage oil was made using “lymphatic moving herbs from the desert that were carefully harvested and gifted to me by an Arizona based herbalist,” Laura explains. The oil works to create moisture and hydration while also harnessing the power of plants at the same time. For Laura, this oil is one of her favorite plant based preparations she’s ever made to date — “I still have a jar of the original preparation steeping in my apothecary.” 


While being conscious of potential allergies clients may have, Laura created a room spray as well. “When you spray it, you can feel the lightness that comes into the space,” Natasha shares. Again, Laura was able to infuse the room spray with herbs that created a light, creative energy when used in any room.

For Natasha, the collaboration with Laura’s Botanicals was a beautiful thing — “I think the products that were created we a perfect manifestation of the vision that I had”. 


The future looks bright for Laura’s Botanicals. In addition to having exclusive products here at Lucid Living, Laura will be featured in the upcoming Vol. 3 of B Side Collective magazine, with a magazine release party and market happening at the Visual Arts Center on November 30th. Laura is also working with Red Root & Co. this month to plan a market and seasonal dinner, focusing on herbal demonstration for a small group. She is also beginning a journey into hemp exploration with Kulture VA, with the hope to learn as much as possible about the hemp plant and how it can be beneficial to the herbalism community. 

Expanding upon her products on Lucid Living’s retail wall, Laura’s Botanicals has also teamed up with our space to hold a Harvest Herbal Mentorship.

The mentorship is a 13 week herbal medicine making and professional development program intended for the season of harvest and "West" medicine, which is the fall to winter months — when we are nourishing our bodies, souls and minds with intellectual pursuits and community engagement

Blending the western tradition of herbal medicine making, Southern Folk herbalism and plant work from Appalachia, Laura’s program is truly the first of its kind for the Richmond area. If you are interested in becoming a participant, there is still space for the months of December and January. You can sign up for a month-long drop-in here.

The Richmond Herbalism Guild will be leading a herbalist day of service in the Richmond community on November 18th, which will be a great way to give back to the community. Finally, Laura is working with the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens to provide a potential herb garden installation used to train local gardening teachers. Laura is redefining the herbalism community, and we only see good things to come from her in the future. We are proud to work with her and share her gift with our clients via her products on our curated retail wall. 

Image by: Ash Hobson Carr

Image by: Ash Hobson Carr

If you’d like to learn more, you can find Laura and Laura’s Botanicals here, and The Richmond Herbalism Guild here.

Lindsay Kagalis