What I've Been Up To

So here's what all has been up with me, starting from this time 2 years ago...I can't even believe all of what I'm about to share has taken place and manifested in such a short time!

  • Got married!!
  • Accepted a role on the Board of Directors for the Junior League of Richmond
  • Started teaching a beautiful outreach program at an adult day center representing Project Yoga Richmond
  • Completed Reiki I & II training
  • Started seeing Reiki clients...MAGIC!
  • Became certified in Aromatouch Technique
  • Started seeing clients for the Aromatouch Technique...MAGIC!
  • Became a Reiki Master
  • Continued seeing Reiki clients and moved into a small studio space in Carytown
  • Started an online Reiki-infused inspirational tee, tank, and accessories brand, Lucid Punk Apparel
  • Completed a Basic Thai Bodywork training
  • Accepted a role on the Board of Directors for Project Yoga Richmond (which means I stopped teaching the one, open group class that I was teaching at PYR 😕)
  • Went to Thailand to study folk medicine
  • Started seeing Thai Bodywork clients...MAGIC!
  • Completed a number of advanced Thai Bodywork trainings
  • Saw more clients and began bringing herbal remedies into sessions...more MAGIC!
  • Was "called" and dove into herbal magic...literally MAGIC!
  • Bought a building...like for real 😬...at 300 East Grace St. What a dope physical manifestation of all of this MAGICK!
  • Re-branded Curly Curvy Yogini to...drum roll...Lucid Living. LL brings together all of the healing modalities and services that I offer
  • Spent some time in Boulder, CO to take 3 trainings to become certified in Sound Therapy Healing (with singing bowls)
  • Began seeing clients for Sound Therapy...MAGICK!
  • Began deepening my knowledge of herbs by working with a wonderful local herbalist
  • Started offering weekly Sound Concerts at a Glave Kocen Art Gallery, every Tuesday, 6-7pm
  • After being urged my many of my clients, I got certified as a Peristeam Hydrotherapist 
  • Began seeing clients for Yoni Steaming and even began selling Yoni Eggs...MAGICKKKKKK!


With a working knowledge of herbs and essential oils, I'm committed to continue to intuitively weave both into your healing sessions as well as making the herbal and essential oil medicine available to you to take home. 

So...ALL of this to say...I am forever a student of these healing practices and look forward to continuing to share with you all the very healing modalities and methods that have healed and continue to heal my physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies. I'm forever grateful to my teachers and their teachers and my teachers teachers teachers for learning, harnessing, and passing on all of this knowledge to me; what a humbling feeling it is to know that I'm a part of such strong and effective healing lineages...which means that everyone that I work on is also a part of this same, beautiful family.  

And I'm sooooo excited for this next phase of all of this. Lucid Living is expected to open in our fully renovated and restored, 1,887 sq. ft. space in March 2018...gahh! That date will be here before you know it!! 

But until then, you can find me in my small private studio, right upstairs from CanCan, in the heart of Carytown, RVA. I offer all of my services there and would love to not only help in any way that I'm able to but also to connect to new souls and reconnect with those of you that I haven't seen in...well...2 years!

Much 💚,